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Friday, October 4, 2013

Huntington Gardens....Free Day!

On Thursday, I took advantage of the Free Day at the Huntington Library and Gardens.  In order to get tickets, you book online via the Huntington Website the month before you plan to visit. Typically, tickets are 20 dollars so it is a great opportunity. My friend Nick joined Daisy and I for the outing. The gardens were intense. My favorite however was the library and art collection. Not that I didn't love the gardens, but as an Arboretum member, the art collection was something totally different from my usual park/garden visits. 

One of many busts

Daisy. Totally unimpressed.

Gorgeous Stained Glass. My favorite Piece.

Inside the Conservatory.

Inside the Gallery.

Nick in the Chinese Tea Room

Giant Agave/Aloe?

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Judy Gloom said...

A library school highlight was a field trip I took with some classmates to the Huntington Library for a behind-the-scenes tour. We got to see their preservation lab, and watched demonstrations of how their conservationists stabilize and restore medieval and renaissance works on paper. So cool!