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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Waiting for Baby: What to do at 9 Months Pregnant.......

Oh wow. I finished my last day of work on Tuesday. For real. I am now entering the world of the temporarily unemployed for the next 8 months to a year. And yes, I know that entering motherhood will be a full time job all on its own but there are mixed feelings of fear/loss/confusion that coincide with willingly leaving a job in this economy. I am technically on leave for 6 months and will still have access to insurance as well as the opportunity to return part time in the future if I choose to. However, for those that are familiar, I work very far....or more accurately shall I say, I have a horrendous commute. 20 miles isn't too bad some cities, but try that in Los Angeles during rush hour..........this is pushing me to look for work in the Pasadena area and SGV. Also complicating matters is my Board of Behavioral Sciences status. I've finished my 3,000 post grad hours and am now at a point where I need to study, take classes and pass the state board exams so that I can remove that dreaded "I"* off of my M.F.T. suffix. Studying, working full time, commuting 2.5 to 3 hours a day and caring for a newborn aren't going to mesh well together. Hence slashing the job and commute for a while. This way, I don't have to pay for child care (which I realized I'd have to work more to afford), I can study and hopefully pass the exams on the first try and most importantly be there for my little girl the first year. But now I am getting away from the title of this post.

So with all that said, here I am Thursday at 11:34 AM with NO obligations at the moment. It is weird. Somewhat unenjoyable due to all of the odd feelings running through my head. I have a list of things that I'd LOVE to be doing but they require one of two things that I currently dont and an active body. So scratch all things running and all things shopping!

So here goes. List time. Feasible things I can do:

1.) Walk. Solo or with the dog......although our roles have reversed. I am the one now being pulled behind an 8 lb chihuahua. And yes. I definitely will be doing this later today.
The dog who steals a snooze on the Boppy any chance he can get is now more active than I......

2.) Read. I've been reading a bit more these days and think that a trip to the library is in order today or tomorrow. It has been great to check out the programs at the local branch that are available to kids and families. Last library book I finished? We Need to Talk About Kevin. Loved it. Wouldn't recommend it to an expecting mom though but my fascination with all things mental health had me plowing through it.

3.) Laundry. More laundry.

4.) Cleaning. More cleaning.

5.) Make a hospital playlist on the iPod. Maybe a couple depending on my mood the day of.

6.) Researching and setting fitness goals. I am already eyeing when I can join a local running group, the Pasadena Pacers and it looks like August may be a realistic goal to begin training for another the beginners rate of course with this new body of mine!

7.) Paint. I did splurge and pick up a Moleskine watercolor journal yesterday. I brought home some of my nicer art supplies from my office at work and have been eyeing the Pelikan Box of Watercolors.

8). Organize my art studio in the garage. It is a disaster.

9.) Look for some recipes to make.

10.) Car wash.

11.) Try and nap although sleep is something that is not coming easily at the moment.

12.) I will go get my nails done maybe tomorrow.

13.) Visit the Children's Center at Caltech. I have an appointment on Monday to tour the facility. Yes. I am still pregnant but I am dying to have her attend this program at some it daycare in a year or two or preschool at 3 or 4. Wait lists for these programs are insane!

14.) Be ready to go into the hospital at a moment's notice in the next couple weeks. Due date is next Thursday but I know that the little one is going to choose her day of arrival..........

This was a long one....thanks for reading!


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FSK said...

enjoy your quiet TIME!! :O) If you want to hangout let me know too. good luck mama you'll do awesome. x